Armenia - March 30th
Tealdrutyun is a social flash mob initiative to show that everyone should be literate.

Learning Armenian is not easy, but it is a fascinating and rewarding process.

Anyone can take part irrespective of their age, gender, education, religious affiliation, vocation, marital status, interests and political views.
To the best way to enjoy your weekend
Choose a location where you want to write the dictation test and get a unique ID number
Take the dictation test
Teladrutyun will take place at multiple locations simultaneously

Get your grade

The grade will be sent to all the participants individually and will not be made public
Come to the analysis of the text or watch it online
We will show the text analysis and provide you with the correct version
Ճանաչել զիմաստություն և զխրատ, իմանալ զբանս հանճարոյ
The participants of Teladrutyun are allowed not to indicate their real name.
Professional approach to the assessment of dictation results
In each of the locations the dictation assessment committee is headed by a professional philologist.
Correspondence of text, assessment criteria, procedure and time of the event
In all of the cities participants write the same text. The event is held according to a uniform pre-designed plan at all locations. The assessment committees follow the same set of assessment criteria.
Who can participate? Are there any age restrictions?
Teladrutyun is created for anyone who can write a dictation test in Armenian. No one can forbid you to participate in Teladrutyun, and at the same time no one can force you to do it. The participation is solely voluntary and inclusive. There are no age restrictions.
How can I register to take part in Teladrutyun?
Registration starts on this website on March, 18th.
You can only register on the website, other options – on the phone, through e-mail and so on – are not available.

How can I register someone else (a child, a friend, a grandmother)?
Each person should be registered individually, in order to receive an ID number. They should be able to present that number at their location of the dictation on the day of Teladrutyun so as to receive all the necessary materials.
What do I get from participating in Teladrutyun?
This is a question you should answer yourself. Writing the dictation test will not give you riches or ensure your credibility, we do not give out candy. However, we do consider all of our participants heroes. Participation in Teladrutyun is a challenge, first and foremost, a competition with yourself. Your grade is not a label, it is a reason to think what you need to work on. A universal dictation is engaging and exciting, it is an opportunity to make sure you are not the only one who shudders when reading "աղՉիկ" or "բարՑր". You will once again realize that being literate – is not just something ordinary, it is crucial for every modern person.
I took part in Teladrutyun. How can I get my results?
The results will be sent to your e-mail address. Be careful and indicate it correctly.
What are the criteria for the assessment?
The assessment will be done by a 5-point system with the criteria set by the linguistic comeete of Armenia.
For the questions and cooperation
[email protected]
+374 (93) 91-61-66